15th November 2021

OCS International invites their clients, partners, and associates for a visionary 2-day congress with a focus on the attributes of personal wealth management, health and wellness.

The two days will be filled with inspiring keynote speakers, show-stopping entertainment, and enlightening sessions with the latest information from the world of personal wealth management and health.

As OCS not only cares about their clients financial wellbeing but also care about your health. That is why we invited medical experts to introduce you to the latest methods of safe and fast lifestyle enhancements, for a healthy, wealthy, and successful life.

The event will feature inspiring keynote speakers like:

Brett King, a world-renowned expert on the future of global banking
Prof. Dr. Christian Rieck, who is known for numerous publications on game theory and finance
Norman Gräter, motivational speaker, mental coach and European champion in public speaking
Prof. Dr. Nuhr, owner of NUHR Medical Center and author of numerous scientific papers.