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Mateen O. Dawoud

As the former CMO of the innovative DeFi + NFT project wolvesofwallstreet.finance, Mateen is bringing 21 years of project management and four years of crypto experience and network building to OCS. Mateen graduated with a degree from the Austrian Marketing University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Product Marketing & Project Management which stimulated the expertise that he has developed in not only creating and marketing new products but also in successful project management. After being a Community Manager in several digital asset projects such as Cover Insurance, Tron Network, and a Marketing Consultant for the Neobank MOVER, he is continuously providing consistently profitable returns within the Digital space, has co-founded his own ongoing digital asset, and is now the leading Digital Funds Consultant for OCS.


  • Product Marketing and Project Management of SCX Digital Asset Fund
  • Product Development and Project Management of Digital Fund Roadmap
  • Design and development of digital asset orientated investment products
  • Trading, educating and assisting in trading of digital assets, building digital asset portfolios and expanding digital trading opportunities for OCS and clients
  • Developing and maintaining strategic client and market counter party relationships
Mateen O. Dawoud

Mateen O. Dawoud

Digital Assets Development & Consultant

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