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Our Services

We offer boutique consultancy and advisory services to clients in different sectors such as high net worth individuals, private companies, corporate structures, and corporations, both globally and internationally. In addition, our seasoned team provides robust corporate consulting services with a personal approach.

Project Development Consultancy

Among our offerings, we can lend our expertise in developing a highly efficient project strategy that meets both internal and external expectations and requirements. This includes financial statements, risk evaluations and fund sourcing.

Management Consultancy

We provide administrative consultancies and studies to organizations in order to improve their operational efficiencies. This process includes the analysis of existing organizational flaws, applying best-in-industry practices and structuring to meet the clients’ needs.

Oil & Gas Exploration Consultancy

We support in the trading and arranging of financing activities for oil and gas explorations. This can include reservoir issues, production fluids, geological issues, productivity decline, corrosion testing, production delays, as well as risk analysis and assessment

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