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Our Services

We offer boutique advisory, financial strategy, trading, and wealth management services to clients in different sectors such as high net worth individuals, private companies, corporate structures, and corporations, both globally and internationally. In addition, our seasoned team provides robust corporate consulting services with a personal approach.

Asset Management

OCS aims to offer asset management services to clients with a primary emphasis on precious metals, in particular gold.

When it comes to managing private funds and investments, OCS has established itself as a trusted partner for different clients.

By exercising vigilance and strategic thinking, our team of committed asset managers offers our customers superior performance.

Commodity Trading

As one of the leading experts in commodity trading-especially Gold and Silver-we operate our own trading desk to ensure that our clients have the best and most efficient way to run physical assets. As one of the most popular gold and precious metal dealers in the world, we understand the importance of efficiency, simplicity, and wealth security and deliver the best solutions for our clients’ needs.

Arranging and Advising

We provide wealth management and investment consulting services. One of our key duties is to direct and educate our clients to avoid fraud, illegal business dealings, scams, etc. In addition to concentrating on preventive measures, we show our clients the best way to achieve a satisfactory outcome based on their established targets.

Custody Service

With the support of our partners, such as Ferrari Middle East Logistics, we provide our clients with custodial services, including vaults, secure deposits, security transports and more.

Investment Management Service

We offer a range of investment services, that best fit our clients’ lifestyle and business needs. Through a thorough assessment of their individual investment requirements, we are able to provide the most suitable investment services and strategies for their individual goals.

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