The team at OCS International Commodities & Investments is proud to win ZENIQ as a new client and to take on an advisory role for the company’s business success after signing a financial service agreement.

Right at the outset of the business relationship, OCS already facilitated a major investment in ZENIQ’s visionary business model.

About ZENIQ:

ZENIQ provides next-gen technology in crypto and FIAT payment with a fintech hard-wallet and exchange device, the “ZENIQ HUB” (Hub), which serves as a solution to store, exchange and create cryptocurrency in one device.
The Hub provides a portal for digital investments with direct access to the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange while serving as a ZENIQ master node with a minting functionality.

Advantages of the ZENIQ Hub include:

  • Easy access to the world of cryptocurrency for everyone
  • A maximum of protection for digital assets
  • Legal protection of unauthorizes third-party access
  • Connection between crypto and online and offline business

Distribution of the Hub has started in March 2021, the step-by-step activation of the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange is planned for Q1-Q2 2022.

For further information, please contact Anastasia Zavyalova at