OCS signed Pecunio as a new client and will act as a financial services consultant on the company’s journey to growth.

About Pecunio:
Pecunio is a decentralized investment platform, that simplifies blockchain investments and solves the problem of crypto spending. What’s revolutionary is that it allows both saving and spending of crypto assets in a fund universe that is safe, affordable, and easy to use.

Since its launch in 2017, Pecunio’s success has been built on four products:

  • PCC Crypto Currency Fund: A set of the 30 most valuable cryptocurrencies at time
  • PICO ICO Fund: A tokenized fund investing in the most promising ICOs
  • PAV Angel Investor Fund: A tokenized fund investing in the most promising FinTech start-ups
  • Pecunio Gold Coin

What makes the Pecunio Fund stand out from the competition:

  • Proven Working Product (Dashboard and PCC Fund)
  • Exceptional Fund Performance:
    +396% since Inception
    +5.98 annualized Sharpe Ratio (1Y)
  • 3.5 years track record on independent platform (ICONOMI)
  • One of few ICOs already earning revenues

For further information, please contact Anastasia Zavyalova at anastasia@ocs-investments.com