Constantly on the lookout for promising investments, OCS International took up the opportunity to acquire 15% shares of the world’s largest kimberlite diamond mine in private possession.

Together with a local partner, OCS obtained 15% shares in the Mooikloof Diamond Mining Company. The Mooikloof Kimberlite Pipe concession lies 20 km east from the Groblersbrug border post between the towns of Marnitz and Swartwater, approximately 400 km from Johannesburg.

The 2.5-hectare diamondiferous kimberlite pipe was first discovered in 1986 by De Beers and is the largest kimberlite diamond resource in private possession in the world.

According to test drilling results the mine is guaranteed to extract a minimum of about 45 to 50 carat per 100 tons of excavated material. With 200 tons of gravel dug up each day, and one carat equaling at least USD 2,170, we are expecting a minimum daily profit of USD 200.000 and 6.000.000 USD per month. Mining operations will commence on 20 September.