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Debit Card

The High-Class Card For all Your Needs

Our Debit Card allows you to make purchases and payments discreetly and serves as a secure alternative to paying by cash or checks.

The OCS Debit Card is a unique product for a diverse range of transactions, and the ideal transferrable payment solution for families and companies.

Your daily companion for every situation.

Worldwide Accepted

Global acceptance and a fixed fee for international cash withdrawals make it the ideal card for business and leisure travel.

Online & Offline

Our unique Debit Card works online and offline at millions of global businesses to satisfy all your shopping needs.


Choose from a wide selection of convenient top-up methods, like SEPA, Swift or Bitcoin.

Help Desk

OCS provides a fast-responding, dedicated help desk to answer all your questions.

How Does The Debit Card Work

  • Order your Debit Card from OCS. The card will be delivered via express mail and the team at OCS will take care of the activation.
  • As soon as the card arrives, it can be topped up through the method of your choice. Available top-up options currently include SEPA (6%), SWIFT (7%), and Bitcoin (8%).
  • The card will be ready to use after one to three days, depending on the chosen top-up method.

In case you are experiencing any difficulties, the OCS helpdesk will be happy to assist at cards@ocs-investments.com or +971 56 995 3222

Card Limits

Maximum amount for fund deposit

  • per day: EUR 22,500 / per month: EUR 110,000 / per year: EUR 1,320,000

Maximum amount to spend

  • per day: EUR 22,500 / per month: EUR 110,000 / per year: EUR 1,320,000

Maximum ATM withdrawals

  • per day: EUR 1,100 / per month: EUR 1,400 / per year: EUR 52,800

Transparent Pricing

Card issuance fee: EUR 1,500

Activation Fee: Free

Monthly Service Fee: EUR 100

International ATM Transaction: 2%

POS/Online Purchase: 1%

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